Lydia Turpin

Project Coordination and Social Media

Lydia has been passionate about nature and everything that encompasses it since she was a little girl. She's always been a lover of the mountains and the outdoors, even if she wasn't able to get out in them much as a child. But growing up and seeing the way that the planet can sometimes be mistreated led her to choose to major in Sustainability and Environmental Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. There she worked with others who were passionate about making the world a greener place. During college she landed an internship that then opened the door for her to become aware of the Little River Watershed Association and to later become part of the staff with the nonprofit.

In her spare time, Lydia can be found enjoying the great outdoors, traveling, but most frequently can be found at home, cuddling with her two fur babies, Chloe and Matilta.