Here at the Little River Watershed Association we can always use volunteers. The opportunities vary through the year and range from the one-day opportunity to help clean up the river to contributing your professional knowledge about a variety of issues.  A brief description of the types of volunteers we can use are here.

May Little River Fest – General cleanup of the river and local streams

LRWA sponsors a river cleanup, storm drain marking and beautification projects. Keep an eye out every year for information about this long-standing event to help keep the river clear of trash and debris.

We encourage families, individuals or groups to volunteer. Large groups that want projects should contact us a few weeks in advance of the annual event so that we can adequately organize such a project.

Technical / Scientific Expertise

The LRWA wants to be the best resource available for technical and scientific information about the Little River, water conservation, water quality issues and related ecosystem issues. If you have expertise in any of the following areas, and would like to serve on one of our committees please contact us and we would love for you to be on our team.

  • Fishery professionals
  • River Ecosystem professionals/experts
  • Environmental professionals
  • Regulations – state, local, federal
  • Water resource professionals/experts
  • Website professionals/expertise (update and maintain our website)
  • Agricultural professionals/experts
  • Environmental engineering / Smart Growth expertise
  • Water and energy conservation professionals or expertise
  • Low Impact Development expertise

Local Knowledge / Expertise / Lore

We need folks who are really tuned in to the needs of and passionate about the protection of our local streams and valleys and/or other environmental issues facing our watershed, local fishing information or historic information about the river and the watershed that would be of interest to our citizens by including on our website.


We always have lots of needs around creating graphic arts products for grants, events and educational programming. These can include…but are not limited to:

  • Graphic arts (invitations, posters, brochure development, event posters/displays)
  • Writers (newsletter articles, educational brochures)Photographers (for variety of uses..website, coverage of events and programs, of the Little River in various places and in various seasons)
  • Public Relations expertise
  • Teachers / Professors willing to help participate or lead a specific educational program in the community

Administrative Opportunities

We need help establishing and maintaining a membership program. Anyone who would like to either participate or help lead such an effort is greatly desired. We do not have the capacity to do all of the required admin tasks with our current staff.

If you like to coordinate events or programs – we have plenty of opportunities for you. The more folks we have willing to help with this type of work the more educational opportunities we can bring to the community. This can range from being a member of a large team to help coordinate and/or lead a task on a major event such as the Earth Roundup to organizing a small community workshop on a specific topic of interest to our community.