2012 End of Year Review

News from the Little River Watershed Association

December 2012, Final Edition


2012 Comes to a Close and a Successful Year for Little River Watershed Association!

LRWA Stream Monitoring and World Water Monitoring Day:

Caitlin and Jeanie collecting dataAfter a long hiatus, we’re proud to say we have re-activated our citizen science and stream monitoring program. We are able to do this in part because of a generous donation we received from Chota Canoe Club in 2012.

We are piloting our visual assessment in Reed Creek, one of the nicest creeks in the Little River Watershed.  We will also conduct similar visual assessments in the Pistol Creek Watershed in 2013. With help from area labs, we will also conduct chemical sampling on the trunk stream of Little River in 2013.

Data gathered will be uploaded to the World Water Monitoring Website.Reed Creek  World Monitoring Day  

It’s been a great year for the Little River Watershed Association!

As we are leaving 2012, we thought it would be a good time to thank our sponsors, volunteers, and community supporters. With your help, these are some of our year’s accomplishments!

2012 Accomplishments:·  We maintained a 5-mile section of the Little River located in Walland, as part of the national Adopt-A-Stream program. As a result of our regular clean-ups, we have removed over 5000 lbs. of trash and debris from our river corridors.·  We hosted the second annual Little River Fest (formerly called Little River Roundup and Earthfest), a day-long river cleanup and afternoon celebration for volunteers at River John’s Island.  Over 125 volunteers helped clean up the river on this spring day.

·  We coordinated a successful campaign to treat over 20 threatened mature hemlocks growing on the banks of the Little River. These trees were identified as critical habitat for aquatic and riparian habitat along the river, but threatened by the invasive insect, the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid.

·  We conducted a watershed educational field school for an area Boy Scout troop, in addition to conducting over 60 hours of environmental outreach activities in Blount and Knox Counties.

·  We conducted three Little River Watershed 101 events, community-wide programs providing hands- on educational opportunities about Little River.

·  We initiated a stream monitoring program in Reed Creek with help from Chota Canoe Club. This program will expand in 2013, with new business and corporate sponsors and will include a youth stream monitoring program in Pistol Creek watershed.

·  We hosted our 6th annual Winter Gala at the Clayton Center for the Arts with over 130 in attendance.

·  We maintained a Facebook page and a website to help the community stay in touch with our activities, and to provide go-to resources about the Little River.

·  We facilitated the Little River Water Quality Forum, a group of stakeholders comprised of 25 agencies and organizations in support of preserving ecological biodiversity by improving water quality of the Little River.

·  We participated in Plan East Tennessee, as a representative of the environmental working group visioning environmental stewardship for a 5-county region, including Blount County and the Little River.

·  We participated in the 25th annual aquatics survey by Tennessee Valley Association, University of Tennessee, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

·  We participated in World Water Monitoring Day in December 2012.

·  We conducted almost 100 hours of programs and events in 2012 and interacted with over 13,000 people in our community through our programs and media outlets.

·  Our board and volunteers have logged over 3500 hours of watershed-related work this last year, and we’re looking forward to new programs and partnerships in 2013.

Love the Little River?  We need your help…

Kiss a fish

The LRWA Board of Directors just completed our yearly strategic planning session and would like very much to have your help implementing new programs and events in 2013. 

Do you have time or talents you would like to volunteer in 2013?  We need your help! Please contact us at snaildarter@littleriverwatershed.org.

Other ways to help…

Make a secure donation through Network for Good.

Become a business or artisan sponsor for Little River Fest and the 2013 Winter Gala (March 9th).  See link here.

Adopt a Stream
Adopt A Stream

Little River Fest

Little River Fest Volunteers!

Little River Fest Volunteers

Boy Scout Field Camp

Environmental Field Camp

IBI Sampling, Townsend

IBI Sampling July 2012
In July,over 30 people volunteered through LRWA to assist TWRA, TVA, TDEC, and UT with their annual Index of Biological Integrity Survey. The program provides long-term data on fish and macroinvertebrates that inhabit Little River. (Pictured: Jon Mollish, TVA, Larry Everett and Jason Mann, TDEC, Joyce Coombs, UT Fisheries).  

Colter's Bridge Sampling

The mission of the Little River Watershed Association is to foster stewardship and conservation of the Little River and its watershed.Little River Watershed Website

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