Welcome to the New Little River Watershed Website

Welcome to our website. We have been working very hard recently to bring you this whole new look with significantly expanded content. Our goal is to be your source of information about the Little River, it’s tributaries, and ways to protect this and other vital natural resources. We hope you find the tools and information you need to make informed decisions about the River and the community in which you live. The LaKota people in South Dakota follow a “seven generations” principle. Decisions on resource use are based on ensuring there will be enough for the next seven generations. The success of the Navajo and LaKota cultures were measured by the health of the people and their ability to sustain themselves generation after generation.

We hope our website will provide you with accurate and thought provoking information about the Little River Watershed and the community we live in.  We believe that an informed and engaged community are the key to making this one of the best places to live and play.

Please look around and let us know if there is information that you would like for us to include on our website . We will constantly be adding new content in the months to come and welcome any and all comments about how to bring our citizens the best product that we can.

Thanks for visiting. Come back often!