Officers from the US Air Base volunteer with LRWA

LRWA would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the officers from the US Air Base for a successful clean up in the Spring Brook Park area this last weekend.

We had 14 officers spend several hours on Saturday morning scrambling through thick brush, old fields and forested woodlands along Pistol Creek to remove hundreds of pounds of trash and debris. Mark Whited, Executive Director, said “they are some of the best volunteers we have had. We filled up over 40 large trash bags and removed 10 tires, 2 sinks, parts of 3 toilets, bicycle frame, car parts, a metal chair, 3 plastic buckets, water cooler, several garden hoses, tarps, linoleum flooring, styrofoam, a record player, TV and several hundred pounds of scrap metal.”¬† A final weight of all the trash and debris has not been calculated, but it was estimated¬† that about a 1000 lbs of debris was removed in a 1/2 mile section along Pistol Creek.¬† It appeared as though we may have found an old dump site, but most of the trash and debris floated in during periodic flooding events over the years. There were many piles of plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans that settled out in low spots amongst the trees as the water receded.

Officers from the US Air Base in Alcoa standing beside one of the many piles of trash and debris removed from along Pistol Creek.