This Holiday, Give the Gift of Clean Water

Dear Friends,

We know that the Friends of the Little River Watershed Association care about the environment and cherish the beauty of East Tennessee, specifically all that’s here in Blount County: the Smoky Mountains and the Little River that originates near the highest peaks. Whether you hike along the river banks, fish, swim or canoe the Little River, you know it’s a special place of rare beauty.

You may know that the LRWA is the *only* organization that serves as the voice of the Little River, but you may not know that the LRWA relies primarily on support from this community. We invite you to add your voice to those protecting the Little River because it needs your help. This holiday season, consider adding your voice to the community of friends who care about the future of the Little River by making a donation OR by suggesting the Little River Watershed Association to your friends and family if you would like them to donate in your name.

Whether you have tubed the river on a hot summer day or enjoy dipping your toes or dropping a fishing line in its beautiful blue-green water, please consider making a gift to support the programs of the LRWA today. We know that there are many causes competing for your donations, but in the spirit of holiday giving, your gift to the LRWA would be the greatest gift of all toward protecting our local water supply for future generations. Please visit our Web site to make a donation today:

Thank You and Happy Holidays!

The LRWA Board of Directors